Sound of the Season Christmas Party

Welcome to the party! 

You may have noticed, we're a different kind of radio station. And, we're not talking about the fact that we specialize in Christmas. It's that we offer our station commercial free. It's one of the reasons people love listening to Sound of the Season for hours.

As a way of supporting Sound of the Season we invite you to join our "Christmas Party". Once enough like-minded Christmas fans join the party we'll offer news about Sound of the Season, chances to win and specially curated Christmas offerings a handful of times a year. Like any good host, we'll keep your data safe and you can leave anytime by unsubscribing on the 'unsubscribe' link of each email. 

You can join us by signing up at the bottom of our homepage.

By joining the party, you're supporting our labour of love and for that we are grateful. 


Beau and the rest of the SOS Elves