Topping the Wish List - 1928

The earliest version of this must our Christmas gift dates as far back as 500 B.C. and was made using terra cotta skin discs. But regardless of how far back you go what they all had in common is a string and the frustration of learning how to use them. We're speaking of course about the ever classic Yo-Yo.

Original yoyo

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Even though this classic toy is twenty five hundred years old the birth of the modern Yo-Yo came in 1866. James L. Haban and Charles Hattrick of Cincinnati received the first U.S. patent for their version of it. However, the Yo-Yo would remain in relative obscurity until 1928 when Pedro Flores opened the Yo-Yo manufacturing company in Santa Barbara, California. By 1929, they were making 300,000 units daily.

There have been a number of resurgences of the yoyo including the 60s and 80s thanks to a series of television commercials. The media frenzy put this toy at the top of every child's wish list making it one of the most highly sought after gifts of all time.

Today, whether you prefer to sleep it, loop it, or freehand it - the modern Yo-Yo has gears to help make playing tricks with it easier, and the Yo-Yo hasn't ever been more popular.