Topping the Wish List - 1957

In 1957 the most successful toy in history was born. It couldn't be simpler and come Christmas it couldn't have been any more popular. This was one that every man woman and child was waiting for. It's 1957 and everyone is shaking their hips!

At the top of everyone's wish list is Whamo's most successful product of all time, the Hoola Hoop.

Hula Hoop

Called by many as the greatest fad of them all, the hula hoop certainly lived up to its billing. The round cylinder tube was modeled after a wooden toy that was utilized in Australian gym classes. Made of polyurethane, the hoops were placed around a person's head and then spun around their waist. In order to keep the hoop aloft the users had to gyrate and wiggle their hips much like hula dancers in Hawaii.

Wham-O marketed the toys in California and through word of mouth interest in them quickly spread. After only four months on the market, Wham-O sold a staggering twenty-five million units. Wham-O then decided to begin marketing the toy internationally in Europe, the Middle East, and the Netherlands. The mania spread like wildfire.

It is 1957 and at the top of everyone's list is the hula hoop. It can't be wrapped but its popularity stretched around the world.