Topping the Wish List - 1966

It wasn't much more than a sheet of plastic and spinner but it had people of all ages nose to armpit and literally falling on top of each other.

Its patent was submitted in 1966 by Charles F. Foley and in that same year on May 3rd, it appeared on The Tonight Show. It was then that it became an overnight success when Eva Gabor and Johnny Carson put it to the test.

Twister Johnny Carson Eva Gabor

The phenomenon that we're speaking of is none other than Twister. 

Much like its counterpart the hula hoop, it became a true Christmas "must have". Being one of the earliest toy fads and a national craze for a short time twister was a game that was able to bring all age groups together whether children or adults.

This Christmas classic still manages to find its way under countless decorated trees. Embraced by all corners of the world it can be easily understood globally by all cultures. Having sold millions of units Twister has without a question of a doubt topped many wish lists.


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