Topping the Wish List - 1967

Hasbro had a bright idea back in 1967 when they introduced Lite Bright. Light Bright allows kids to create glowing multi-colored pictures using pegs placed into a black screen and then lit from behind.

Pre-made patterns assist the process, or kids can develop their own designs. The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes the Asics shoe company as holding the world record for the largest light bright display. In 2008, the Asic's shoe design used 300,000 pegs on a canvas measuring 11 feet by 15 feet.

More recently, Lite Bright has undergone a significant redesign. The New Light Bright comes in different models and features a sleeker screen and a choice of colors. Check out this product review for the Lite Brite Magic Screen:

It seems Lite Bright has earned its place among the world's most timeless toys on top of the wish list.