Topping the Wish List - 1980

In the early 80s everyone was hoping to find the same small box under the tree. In fact, everyone was hoping that box was a perfect cube, equal in all dimensions and just a little too big to fit in a pocket.

It was 1980 and Topping the Wish List was a cube, a "Rubik's Cube". Erno Rubik first invented the cube in Budapest Hungary in 1974.

Rubick's Cube

When the cube was complete Erno let his friends play with it. The effect was instantaneous. Once somebody laid his hands on the cube it was difficult to get back.

There were conventions, there were tournaments, there were clubs and contests but come Christmas about the only thing there wasn't was a Rubik's Cube left on the shelf and those cubes took up a lot of space in Santa's sleigh.