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The Sound of the Season is premium Christmas audio entertainment featuring the songs, stories and traditions we love, 365 days of the year. Listen live with iTunes, Streema, TuneIn and with our website player:


The Show

Sound of the Season isn't just Christmas music. It's a show that you feel. 

Listen for stories about Ferby, Cabbage Patch Kids, and all the big Christmas wish list hits as we celebrate the toy trends of the past with "Topping the Wishlist".

Not only do we take you back in time, we criss cross the globe to hear fascinating stories of how people celebrate Christmas in different countries with our feature called "Joy to the World". 

There's nothing like the innocence and wonderment of a child at Christmas. You'll hear the amusing thoughts and observations of the wee little ones during "Dear Santa" and heartwarming stories that remind us what really matters during the "Heart of the Holidays. 

The Sound of the Season blends modern Christmas music like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Josh Groban and Michael Buble with forever classics from Amy Grant, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Andy Williams, and Frank Sinatra.

Christmas Market

Christmas Markets are a celebration of food, drink and locally crafted seasonal goods accompanied by music traditionally held in a town square. In the same way that music at the heart of every Christmas Market - Sound of the Season is at the heart of our market. Here you'll find a town square without borders where the finest crafters and producers of seasonal goods in the world will share their work as we celebrate the food and drink of the season. We hope that our Christmas station, “Sound of the Season” becomes the town square where friends and family near and far can share the same musical experience over the holidays by listening to our player on this site or via TuneIn, iTunes and on devices like Sonos. We look forward to opening the doors to our market in 2018. Sign up below to learn more about featured artisans, receive offers and news from Sound of the Season. You can unsubscribe at anytime.